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IQ Netzwerk Berlin

Berlin is a place of intercultural dialogue: Almost 900,000 people of non-German origin live in the capital, making up over 24 percent of the population. They come from almost 200 different countries, and significantly help shape the city’s unmistakable, cosmopolitan character.

This diversity means enrichment, but at the same time  requires competence, and places new demands on the society, e.g. in relation to the professional integration of people with non-German backgrounds, since the labour market is a central driver of integration. Many immigrants don’t have professional qualifications, or none which are recognised, and this is one of the reasons why unemployment rates among migrants are more than double compared with non-migrant Berliners. The number of non-Germans working at public administrations or schools is similarly too low.

In short: Action is needed, and this is where the "IQ Netzwerk Berlin" comes in. It is part of the Germany-wide “Integration durch Qualifizierung (IQ)” (“Integration through qualification”) support programme, which seeks to sustainably improve the integration of migrant adults on the labour market. State networks right across the country are working on this, and are supported by national centres specialising in the following areas: Recognition of professional qualifications obtained abroad, German for business, diversity management, start-ups and qualification/training. The programme is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and the Federal Employment Agency.


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